Tjenestedesign og innovasjon: Making the brand the experience and the experience the brand

fre 11 november kl.

But in this world we should also stop and ask ourselves; if we are constantly seeing things from the customers point of view, how do we make sure we maintain the brand experience?

On Friday the 11th November, Ted Matthews will show us 1)how service design works, 2)how investing in experience can offer market advantage and 3)consider how we bring customer needs together with brand experience. Ted Matthews is a well-known speaker in service design and innovation. He is a Phd Fellow at the Norwegian Centre for Service Innovation (CSI) and the Centre for Design Research (dR) at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).He has over 10 years of experience from service design practice within public and private sector, with projects including amongst other things professional football, finance, telecoms, tourism, health & urbanism . Recently he co-designed and delivered Telenor’s international Service Design Academy and is author of a book on Co-design and facilitation.


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