The adaptive decision maker

fre 20 september kl. 8:30

The growth in digital has created challenges and opportunities for marketers.  On the one hand it is easier than ever to target consumers with marketing activity but in turn they have more control than ever to ignore them.  So to understand how to grab attention and engagement, we need to get smarter.  Which involves understanding how the mind works.  We will explore how behavioural science models are becoming increasingly smart, moving from simple binary explanations of information processing to more nuanced models.  Colin will discuss the notion of adaptive decision making; in contrast to simple association models we are increasingly understanding how our executive control mechanisms adapt to marketing messages that align with our goals, motivations and meanings.  In order to design effective marketing this means we need to understand the consumer and the context of their lives, using a range of measures which are intelligently integrated.  Colin will provide a straightforward account of the latest thinking and developments on the way behavioural science is offering new directions for marketers.

About the speaker: 
Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioural Science, Ipsos
Colin works with a wide range of brands and public sector organisations to combine market research with behavioural science, creating new and innovative solutions to long-standing strategy and policy challenges. Behavioural science runs throughout his research practice, not only to design experimental approaches, but also to guide data analytics. Colin is a regular speaker and writer on the philosophy and practice of consumer insight.

Note: The lecture is held in English.